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FDI in the Up-linking of TV Channels:


(a) FDI up to 49% would be permitted with prior approval of the Government for setting up Up-linking HUB/ Teleports;

(b) FDI up to 100% would be allowed with prior approval of the Government for Up-linking a Non-News & Current Affairs TV Channel;

(c) FDI (including investment by Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) up to 26% would be permitted with prior approval of the Government for Uplinking a News & Current Affairs TV Channel subject to the condition that the portfolio investment in the form of FII/ NRI deposits shall not be “persons acting in concert” with FDI investors, as defined in the SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Regulations, 1997.

The Company permitted to uplink the channel shall certify the continued compliance of this requirement through the Company Secretary at the end of each financial year.

While calculating foreign equity of the applicant company, the foreign holding component, if any, in the equity of the Indian shareholder companies of the applicant company will be duly reckoned on pro-rata basis, so as to arrive at the total foreign holding in the applicant company. However, the indirect FII equity in a company as on 31st March of the year would be taken for the purposes of pro-rata reckoning of foreign holdings.

Direct-to-Home (DTH) Broadcasting Service

Direct-to-Home (DTH) Broadcasting Service, refers to distribution of multi channel TV programmes in Ku Band by using a satellite system by providing TV signals direct to subscribers’ premises without passing through an intermediary such as cable operator

Following are the eligibility criteria for applicants, conditions which will apply to DTH license and procedural details :

(a) Applicant Company to be an Indian Company registered under Indian Company’s Act, 1956.

(b) Total foreign equity holding including FDI/NRI/OCB/FII in the applicant company not to exceed 49%.

(c) Within the foreign equity, the FDI component not to exceed 20%.

(d) The quantum represented by that proportion of the paid up equity share capital to the total issued equity capital of the Indian promoter Company, held or controlled by the foreign investors through FDI/NRI/OCB investments, shall form part of the above said FDI limit of 20%.

(e) The applicant company must have Indian Management Control with majority representatives on the board as well as the Chief Executive of the company being a resident Indian.

(f) Broadcasting companies and/or cable network companies shall not be eligible to collectively own more than 20% of the total equity of applicant company at any time during the license period. Similarly, the applicant company not to have more than 20% equity share in a broadcasting and/or cable network company.

(g) The Licensee shall be required to submit the equity distribution of the Company in the prescribed Proforma once within one month of start of every financial year.

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